What is a mini session?


A mini session is a quick 10 - 15 minute session that takes place on a specific date, time, and location determined by the photographer. Sessions are normally booked one right after another. Mini sessions may be themed, usually with a holiday theme, with lots of props, or non-themed (no props). Non-themed minis take place at a pre-selected location, date and time, and do not have any props. Due to the nature of a mini session and time constraints, mini sessions are limited to single families only (up two adult and their children). You can check out some mini sessions that I've done in the past below!

2024 Spring & Summer Mini Sessions Available Now!

2024 Spring Mini Sessions


Non-Themed Minis at Carter Road

May 5th

June 8th


Lil Graduate - Pre-K and Kindergarten Grads

May 17th & 18th


Outdoor 4th of July Popsicle Stand

June 12th - 15th


Studio Back to School

August 2nd - 4th & 10th


Mommy's Wedding Dress

August 22nd - 24th



For more information or to book your spot head over to my mini session booking page here

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